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Sales / Rentals

ASI Generators offers professional sales and rental services for electric generators, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), and control systems, ensuring optimal power solutions for diverse applications.

Oil Change

Generator oil changes are vital for maintenance, involving draining old oil, replacing the filter, and adding fresh oil to ensure efficient operation and longevity.

Generator Repairs

Generator repairs address issues such as engine malfunctions, electrical faults, fuel system problems, and cooling system failures to restore efficient and reliable operation.

ATS Repairs

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) repairs involve diagnosing and fixing issues related to electrical connections, switch mechanisms, and control logic to ensure seamless power transfer.

Fuel Tanks Repairs

Repairs to fuel tanks for generators involve fixing leaks, corrosion, and structural issues to maintain safe and efficient fuel storage and supply.

Anual Agreements

Annual agreements for generator repair and maintenance ensure regular servicing, including inspections, oil changes, and repairs, to optimize performance and prevent downtime.