60 kW Triton Diesel Generator TP-I60-T3-SGUL Tier 3 – UL Listed


60 kW Triton Diesel Generator TP-I60-T3-SGUL Tier 3 – UL Listed


Triton Power: Premier Emergency Generator Solutions

Triton Power specializes in supplying Emergency Stationary Generators, certified to Tier 4i, 3, and 2 standards to suit various generator ratings. With a commitment to compliance and excellence, we offer UL2200, CSA, and additional certifications. Our capacity to custom-build generators encompasses both gaseous and diesel options, ensuring we meet your specific needs. Moreover, our inventory includes generators that adhere to standard specifications, ready for prompt delivery, complete with trailers, transfer switches, and fuel tanks.

Dedicated Power for North American Needs

Designed to meet stringent US and Canadian standards, Triton’s EPA Generators cater to diverse environments—from hurricane-prone areas to the extreme cold of the north. These generators serve a wide array of venues, such as government buildings, hospitality establishments, industrial sites, healthcare institutions, and retail outlets.

Highlight: The TP-I60-T3-SGUL Generator

The TP-I60-T3-SGUL stands out with a standby power rating of 60kW / 75kVA and a prime power rating of 54kW / 67.5kVA. Engineered for durability and reliability, it features an Iveco NEF45SM2X engine, ensuring compliance with EPA standards and exceptional performance. Key features of the TP-I60-T3-SGUL include a Programmable Control Panel, easy maintenance access, low-noise operation (as low as 64 dBA), a robust chassis for any terrain, and availability in both open and enclosed models, along with an 8-10 hour Sub-Base Tank.

Customizable and Reliable Power Solutions by Triton

Triton EPA Generators are designed for emergency stationary applications in the United States and Canada, built to perform under challenging conditions and customizable for any requirement. Offering standalone units from 10 kW to 2500 kW and paralleled systems up to 20 MW, we provide the flexibility to tailor a power generation solution to your exact needs. For over a quarter of a century, Triton Power has stood as a trusted provider of silent, dependable power solutions.

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Weight 1940 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 36 × 53 in


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