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Cummins RS80 Quiet Connect 80kW Generator 277/480-Volts 3 Phase NG/LP | RS80


Cummins RS60: Ultimate Backup Power for Home and Business

The Cummins RS60 Generator, designed for natural gas and LP propane, is the perfect backup solution for homes and small businesses. This 3-phase, 120/240-volt generator boasts a sturdy design and has been rigorously tested to ensure operation in extreme conditions, starting in temperatures as low as -40° F. The RS60 meets U.S. EPA emissions standards, is UL-2200 certified, IBC Seismic compliant, and NFPA 110 ready with appropriate accessories and setup.

Reliable Warranty and Support

Cummins offers a 2-Year base warranty for the RS60, with options for extended warranties available, providing peace of mind and reliable support for the long term.

60kW Generator: Designed for Flexibility

The 60kW generator features a flexible exercise mode that can be customized to the needs of any installation, requiring as little as 2 minutes of exercise every six months. Its advanced, powder-coated aluminum enclosure is engineered to withstand wind loads up to 180 MPH as per ASCE 7-10, reducing noise levels to 72dBA. Service doors on the enclosure enable easy access for routine maintenance and servicing.

Advanced Controls for Efficient Operation

Equipped with PowerCommand 1.1 Electronic Control, the Cummins RS Series Generators deliver automatic start and stop functionality, precise output metering, and auto-shutdown upon fault detection, all while ensuring NFPA 110 Level 1 compliance. PowerCommand technology ensures voltage regulation within ±1% and frequency stability to 0.25% at 60 Hertz, guaranteeing reliable and efficient power delivery.

Quiet Connect Generator Features

The RS60 is powered by a robust 5.9-liter turbocharged and aftercooled in-line 6-cylinder engine with a durable cast-iron block. The generator’s starting system operates on a 12-volt negative ground with an 850-Amp capacity effective down to 0° F, featuring a spin-on oil filter with a relief valve for maintenance ease. With a rated speed of 1800 RPM, the RS60 promises efficient performance and reliability.

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Weight 1940 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 36 × 53 in


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